Access to Hiroshima University

Detailed information of access to Hiroshima University is here.

By Shinkansen, get off at Hiroshima Sta. or Higashi-Hiroshima Sta.(minor station)

From Hiroshima Sta., 

  1. You need to take a local train to Saijo Sta. ( “Train Route  Finder” by Jordan co. ltd. )
  2. From Saijo Sta., you need to take a bus. The timetable is here (only Japanese version is available.)
  3. The 1st column  on the left timetable shows the departure times of bus from Saijo Sta. The bus-stop number is 3.  Please get off at Hirodai-Nishiguchi (広大西口). The arrival time is in the 4th column.
  4. From Hirodai-Nishiguchi (広大西口), please see the campus map.

From Higashi-Hiroshima Sta.,

  1. You need to take a bus. The timetable is here (only Japanese version is available.)
  2. The timetable is in the right part and the second from the top, “東広島駅–広島大学線”. The 1st column shows the departure times of bus from Higashi-Hiroshima Sta. Please get off at Hirodai-Nishiguchi (広大西口). The time schedule is not shown in the time table, but somewhere between the 5th and the 6th columns. Unfortunately, the bus does not run frequently.
  3. From Hirodai-Nishiguchi (広大西口), plase see the campus map.

Suggested places and foods in Hiroshima and Higashi-Hiroshima

Major Places

Other places in Saijo

Foods and drinks

  • Anago-meshi at Ueno (Japanese only, click drawings for pictures.) near the boat terminal to Miyajima. Map (Japanese only)
  • Bishu-nabe (Hot Pod using Japanese Sake) in Saijo
  • Oyster in everywhere in Hiroshima area
  • Okonomiyaki, a soul food for Hiroshima people.
  • Japanese Sake, in Saijo as well as other cities in Hiroshima.