Flying/Swimming/Transport hydrodynamics from molecules to insects

Transport dynamics in amoeba, microorganisms and plants

Selected Publications:

  1. T. Ogawa, S. Izumi, M. Iima, "Statistics and stochastic models of an individual motion of photosensitive alga Euglena gracillis,” Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 86 (2017) 074401 
  2. M. Iima, H. Kori and T. Nakagaki, “Studies of the phase gradient at the boundary of the phase diffusion equation, motivated by peculiar wave patterns of rhythmic contraction in the amoeboid movement of Physarum polycephalum,” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.50 (2017) 154004.
  3. A. Satake, M. Seki, M. Iima, T. Teramoto and Y. Nishiura, “Florigen distribution determined by a source-sink balance explains the diversity of inflorescence structures in Arabidopsis,” Journal of Theoretical Biology395 (2016) 227–237.
  4. T. Nakagaki, M. Iima, T. Ueda, Y. Nishiura, T. Saigusa, A. Tero, R. Kobayashi and K. Showalter, “Minimum-risk path finding by an adaptive amoebal network,” Physical Review Letters99 (2007) 068104.

Numerical analysis of butterfly’s flight

  • How to describe wing-wing interaction through vortices?
  • How to control flight using vorticies?
  • Bifurcation analysis of flapping flight including symmetry-breaking of symmetric flapping model

Selected Publications:

  1. M. Iima, N. Yokoyama, N. Hirai and K. Senda, “Controlling flow structures by wing motion in a flapping model,” Advances in  Science and Technology, 84 (2013) 59--65.
  2. N. Yokoyama, K. Senda, M. Iima and N. Hirai, “Aerodynamic forces and vortical structures in flapping butterfly’s forward flight”, Phys. Fluids, 25 (2013) 021902.
  3.   M. Iima and T. Yanagita, ”Is a 2D Butterfly Able to Fly by Symmetric Flapping?”, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn., 70 (2001) 5–8.

Analytical theory of flapping flight using vortex

  • Force formula of flapping flight using vortex
  • Singularity of hovering flight in two-dimensional space

Selected Publications:

  1. M. Iima, ”A paradox of hovering insect in two-dimensional space”,  J. Fluid Mech., 617 (2008) 207–229.

Hydrodynamic model of molecular machine

  • Low Reynolds number swimmer with just one hinge
  • Analytical expression of swimming property

Selected Publications:

  1. M. Iima and A. S. Mikhailov,”Propulsion hydrodynamics of a butterfly micro-swimmer”, Europhys. Lett.,85 (2009) 44001.

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